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Wooden Gear Clock

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Scroll a fully functional, 30-hour timepiece

Complete instructions to create the MLT-13 wooden gear clock can be found in Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Spring 2007 (Issue 26). Unfortunately, due to a printer error, not all of the patterns printed out correctly. Corrected patterns are available for download in the right column under "Attachments."

Once assembled, this wooden gear clock is an impressive work of art. When visitors discover that it runs without the aid of a battery and that you crafted it yourself, they will be truly amazed. See the clock in action here.

If you can bring yourself to part with it, the MLT-13 clock makes a wonderful gift for the individual who already owns just about everything. Don’t be surprised if the completed timepiece initiates a few custom commissions!


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Comments (4 posted):

Paul Senko on 12/08/2009 11:35:24
Could someone please tell me why on the front frame (F1) center hole you show 2 hole sizes 5/32" D-11/64" D
CalMcC on 05/12/2010 22:42:59
I have built this clock and have it running reliably. One thing that caught my attention while watching the video was the very wide swing of the pendulum. This would suggest that the weight is much too big, or the pendulum was swung manually then the video was quickly taken. My clock pendulum swings about a third the distance this clock is swinging. The clock should run with the pallet just reaching far enough to stop the escapement wheel, then sliding up the tooth. The pallet finger should not reach right to the bottom of the escapement wheel tooth as the video shows it doing.
WSpadacini on 08/15/2010 12:07:52
Could someone tell me where I can get the plans for this wooden gear clock
evilbadger on 08/15/2010 12:29:16
You can either order the back issue of the magazine (issue #26) or you can contact the designer Marc Tovar here is a link to his site Wooden ClockWorks Scroll Saw Plans
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