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Making Beautiful Bowls

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Create the look of lathe-turned bowls with your scroll saw

Carole Rothman show how to create wooden bowls on a scroll saw.  See more of Carole's work in her latest book Wooden Bowls from the Scroll Saw.

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Shannon on 09/24/2009 08:01:58
It was so fun having Carole at the office for a day! This video was shot in our art director's shop.... Yes... we still have a lot to learn about shooting videos - but each effort is educational! And we hope you find it helpful!
Rolf on 09/24/2009 10:34:44
It was nice to see you using a Real Saw for the video:D All kidding aside Carol did a great job and we look forward to her demonstration in person. The videos are a great idea, they tend to clarify things.
will8989 on 09/24/2009 14:56:38
WHAT A GREAT VIDEO! I'm heading to the shop to make a bowl!! Great job everyone!! Betty
turningnut on 09/25/2009 14:57:57
Shannon, I just got done watching Carole's video on making bowls on the scroll saw and was very impressed with, keep up the great work...I'm looking forward to getting the book and start my own projects.
Jim McDonald on 09/25/2009 17:13:31
Very good easy to understand video and am looking forward to trying it soon. Shannon, thanks for the video and Carole--thanks for sharing the technique!
Band Saw Box on 09/26/2009 08:41:20
I just saw the video, Great job by both Carole and Fox Chapel. The more of Carole work I see the harder it is waiting for the book. Thanks Sharron for sharing.
Haggard3230 on 09/26/2009 20:25:31
I guess my DSL is not fast enough. The audio was way ahead of the video, I never did get to see her sand the pieces or the clamping part. Other wise good work Carole and thanks for the video Shannon.
Cyrano on 10/01/2009 11:18:30
Shannon - Nice job with the video! Looking forward to more. Carole - That must have been so cool to have F/C shoot a video of you cutting one of your projects! You seemed so calm and at ease. If it were me, there'd be *bleep* about every ten words! Rikk
handibunny on 10/01/2009 11:32:40
Glad everyone's enjoying the video. The folks at FCP could not have been nicer, and it was fun to do. I'm going to start posting video hints on my blog one of these days, and figure if anyone runs into problems it will be a cool way to explain things. I bought this little Flip camera, and it's amazingly easy and fun to use. This is a very fun retirement!
Pat Carroll on 10/04/2009 01:09:34
Great job on the video. So much better to actually "see " a project from start to finish with good camera work and very clear instructions. Awesome job!!! Thanks for sharing. Pat Carroll
marshall on 10/30/2009 08:15:37
Carole the video was done in a way I think anybody would understand , thanks this will give me the uper hand when I receive the book from Fox Chapel in getting started . The vases is what has drawn me in for presents ........thanks .......
handibunny on 10/30/2009 14:10:41
Pat and Marshall, glad you liked the video. It was fun going out to Fox Chapel to make it--took about 3-4 hours all told, and I think they did a really good job with the editing. I'll be posting video tips on my blog as soon as I get around to it, since I think videos are definitely a great way to get a point across, and am glad to answer any questions as they come up. BTW, vases are actually easier than bowls, even though there's more cutting because you don't have to worry about getting the inside more than rough sanded most of the time.
sandy on 10/30/2009 16:18:56
Wow I di not know this could be done on a scroll saw I am buying the book soon
handibunny on 10/30/2009 16:35:34
Well, when I first found out you could do this stuff with a scroll saw, I just had to get into it. It's fun, easy, economical, and people will be totally amazed. What could be better?
Scrolling Days on 10/30/2009 22:03:11
Great video, Carole and Shannon! I look forward to trying that technique some day!
Wagnuka on 04/29/2012 11:59:05
I discovered Carole's book by happenstance; came to this site & watched her video, and all I can say is, Discovery is - in this case, anyway - fun. Well-done video, Carole has a nice voice, she speaks well, & is a pleasure to listen to. Pilamiyaye! / Thanks!
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Author info
Carole Rothman
An eldercare specialist, Carole has co-authored two books on caregiving: I'll Take Care of You and the 2002 IPPY Award-winner for best self-help book, Are Your Parents Driving You Crazy. A skilled speaker and interviewee, she has been a guest on scores of live TV and radio shows throughout the U.S.

After joining a community woodshop, she quickly mastered the scroll saw and began teaching the tool to her neighbors and friends. Although from time to time she has encountered jealousy and disdain from her male woodworking counter-parts, Carole doesn't let their attitude get her down. Instead, she keeps on cutting and lets her work speak for itself.

Read more about Carole on her blog at www.scrollsawbowls.blogspot.com. more