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Make a bowl using a scroll saw

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As our latest special issue, Boxes Bowls & Baskets, is set to release soon, we thought you might enjoy this video. Learn how to use a scroll saw to make a bowl (or basket)!

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Jim Finn on 03/02/2012 18:34:51
Is that a bowl? I would call it a basket. A small blade is mentioned.....#2? #3? I would use white glue. I wonder what was used there. Is the blade positioned at 90 degrees to the saw table? Neat looking basket.
handibunny on 03/02/2012 19:04:34
I agree, Jim. I'd call it a basket, too, although a lot of folks use the terms interchangeably.
Band Saw Box on 03/03/2012 17:37:33
I would call that a basket too. I guess you could call a project like that a bowl but to me that just would hold water.
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