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Inexpensive Self-Adhesive Paper

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image Print your patterns directly onto inexpensive self-adhesive shelf liner paper.

Instead of paying for expensive self-adhesive paper or 81/2" by 11" labels, I make my own from a roll of clear or white shelf liner paper.

I found a 17" by 24' roll of shelf liner at a national retailer for about $5. I cut the roll into fifty-two 81/2" by 11" sheets. This reduces my cost to about $0.10 per sheet.

If you cut carefully, you can run the sheets through an ordinary copier or printer like any other sheet of paper. Peel the shelf liner paper off of the backing paper and stick it onto your blank. Unlike commercially available labels, the shelf liner is easy to remove after you’ve cut the pattern.

Frank Kaufer Jr.

Memphis, Ind.

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Easier Feeding from the Bottom

To make it easier to feed a scroll saw blade through the blade-entry holes from the bottom of the blank, circle the hole with a red pen or chalk to give yourself a bulls-eye.

My trifocal glasses made it difficult to feed the blade through blade-entry holes. I ended up having three holes to choose from. To make it easier to thread the blade, I had a pair of single-focus glasses made at the prescription strength of the bifocal area on my regular trifocal glasses.

Lowell Kirkley

Temple, Tex.

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Table Protection

Apply a coat of paste finishing wax to your scroll saw table. In addition to protecting the table from rust, the wax makes it easier to move and turn your projects. I find I can follow the line better with a waxed table. Buff the wax into the table with a clean rag or 0000 steel wool. Wipe off the excess with a paper towel or clean rag.

Roger Sprague

Falconer, N.Y.

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Comments (8 posted):

Dragon on 10/07/2010 10:29:21
I wish to try this and hope that my printer will print on "plastic" Diane
scrollsaw4u on 10/15/2010 12:38:43
I did try it. Ran through my printer fine, but even after "some time" for the ink to dry (15minutes) it still smuged to the point of not being about to use. Not sure if it was just my printer - but that is my 2 cents worth. Before testing, I did contact the company, and sheets are available at Michael's Arts and Crafts...just in case someone here had better luck than I. Cheryl
Jan on 10/15/2010 15:56:27
Avery labels are good. Can get them in sizes up to 8.5 X11. My answer is the Xyron machine which will put adhesive on plain paper. I get the cartridges at Michaels using the 40% off coupons. Makes the process affordable. Jan
markdavd on 10/16/2010 11:38:20
Be careful when printing onto plastic using a Laser or standard copier. These use high heat for setting the toner and can melt the plastic if it's not intended for this use. A few years ago I spent hours cleaning the inside of our laser printer my daughter tried to copy onto clear plastic.
SawTooth on 10/24/2010 02:42:36
I use inexpensive self-adhesive shelf paper on the wood, then I apply the printed pattern using spray adhesive onto that. While it is two steps instead of printing directly on self adhesive paper, the shelf paper is actually a plastic that peels off the wood without any fuss, leaving no residue... and compared to laying down clear packing tape, the shelf paper goes on as one piece (pre-cut to size using scissors). Spence
Shannon on 10/25/2010 08:05:36
I have to say I was very hesitant to run shelf paper through our printer too. I certainly wasn't going to run it through our expensive color printers - so we tried it out on my desktop printer (Samsung Laser Printer) and had no problems at all!
guitarman on 10/25/2010 11:03:05
I use shelf paper and it works great for me. David
retmsgt on 11/04/2010 21:52:28
I've been using this technique also. Saw this suggestion some time back and use white shelf paper. I cut the width to 8" and have no problems with it. The only difficulty is the ink drying time. Retmsgt
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