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Off-road Racing Jeep

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Use this clever design in a scout's Pinewood Derby® or as a working wooden car

While designing diff erent cars for my son’s Pinewood Derby scouting event, I came up with the idea of a Jeep that meets the offi cial rules for the derby. If you don’t have a derby participant in your family, the bright colors and working design still make it a great toy for any age.

Despite its short wheelbase, this off - road Jeep meets the requirements of the Pinewood Derby. In Canada, the derby is called the Kub Kar®. No matter where you live, you should check with your local pack to ensure you are adhering to all the rules of the derby. To make the Jeep, you will need an extra wheel for the spare tire, and a bit of wire for the windshield. By adding the proper weights behind the seats, your Jeep can be a derby winner!


I prefer to paint the seats and Jeep separately before gluing the seats in place. I use matte brown paint for the seats to resemble leather, and a glossy red for the Jeep body. You can choose any color scheme you want. Cut a notch in the spare tire to accommodate the bumper and glue it in place with CA glue.


  • Pinewood Derby kit, or 1¾ "x 1¾ " x 7" wood of choice (body)
  • 5 each 1¼ "-diameter wheels (if not using the kit)
  • 4 each 3/32"-diameter x 1" nails (axles, if not using the kit)
  • 4" 14-gauge copper ground wire(windshield support)
  • Assorted grits of sandpaper
  • Red spray paint
  • Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue
  • Acrylic paints of choice for the details


  • #9 skip-tooth blades or blades of choice
  • Rotary power carver
  • ¼"-diameter carbide ball rotary carving bit
  • Small cylinder-shaped high speed cutter
  • Assorted paintbrushes of choice

Sanding Sticks Tip

Use spray adhesive to attach assorted grits of sandpaper to tongue depressors. These sanding sticks last forever and are handy when sanding small parts like the back fender supports.

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1. Set up the blank. Cut the pieces. Attach the back fenders. Attach the front fenders and inner wheel wells. Shape the front. Shape the grill and headlights. Attach the windshield. Attach the front bumper. Shape the seats. Dry assemble the wheels. Exploded View
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Troy Thorne
Creative Director for Fox Chapel Publishing, and a Pinewood Derby-winning dad, Troy Thorne is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, and spent over 10 years in the advertising field. He is an active scouting volunteer, builds furniture and canoes, and works with his son who was a national finalist in the All-Star Derby Design Contest. more