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The New Drill Doctor

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image New tool lets you sharpen spade bits.

The Drill Doctor model DDSB now includes a new system to sharpen spade bits.

To sharpen twist bits, the unit features a diamond wheel combined with an easy-to-use system to properly align the bit. This system works with high-speed steel, titanium, and cobalt bits that range in size from 3/32" (2mm) up to 1/2" (13mm)diameter. You can even sharpen masonry drill bits.

With the new spade-bit sharpening system, you can sharpen all types of spade bits, including spade bits with a screw-driven tip. You can even sharpen spur-type spade bits.

The DDSB kit is not intuitive to use, but it comes with excellent instructions and a video that shows exactly how to use it. After you’ve sharpened one twist bit and one spade bit, the system makes sense and is simple to use.

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Once I learned how to use the system, I sharpened fifteen spade bits in less than an hour. Several of the bits were in very poor shape because I had hit a metal bolt while drilling. After a few minutes of sharpening, one damaged bit drilled holes like it was brand new. I took a 3/32" (2mm)-diameter twist bit that I had broken off and quickly restored it to usable condition.

Spade bits are much less expensive than Forstner bits, but as they get dull, spade bits don’t cut cleanly. Using spades bits I sharpened with the DDSB, I found I could drill holes just as clean as when using a Forstner bit. The sharpened spade bits work great to drill holes for clock inserts. Plus, you can use the system to sharpen all of your bits.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Drill Doctor DDSB is $129.99. To purchase a unit or to find a local retailer, visit www.drilldoctor.com.

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Comments (3 posted):

wood-n-things on 03/28/2011 11:47:50
Great article and I've been thinking about adding one of these to my shop. Can you do carbide tipped blades with it?
Rolf on 03/28/2011 12:47:31
With all of these article bots, I guess some of you have the new issue?
wood-n-things on 03/28/2011 13:44:55
I don't think it has shipped yet to subscribers but it is at the printers.
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