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Dremel Scroll Saw Review Model #1800 Scroll Station Put To The Test

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Dremel’s new tool, the Scroll Station, combines a traditional scroll saw with a disc sander and a flexible shaft tool. It is meant to be a complete tool to take scrolling projects from start to finish.

Product Notes:

  • The Scroll Station works best when cutting material ¾"-thick or less
  • All the controls are up front, which is a nice personal safety feature. Fretwork scrollers will appreciate the quick-tension release. While you do have to open a side door for blade insertion and removal, it's simple and requires no tools.
  • The saw is equipped with a good saw-dust blower.
  • Because the light is mounted on a flexible arm, it can easily be adjusted to shine exactly where needed.
  • When the saw is mounted on a bench, the vibration is minimal.
  • I was able to do intricate turns through ¼" wood—hard and soft woods—with a #2 blade. When I switched to a #5 blade, I cut wood up to 1" thick with ease. I did find it cuts wood ¾"-thick or thinner best. Hardwoods should be ½"-thick or thinner—but that is standard for most scroll saws. The cut edge is very smooth, and chip out is minimal. I did not try pin-end blades because the insertion for straight 5" blades was so easy.
  • The hold down, as on most machines, is a bit cumbersome. Most experienced scrollers probably won't use it, but it is a safety device and recommended.
  • The saw table has a circular insert, around the blade, that did not meet flush with the table and caused the wood to catch. This isn't limited to the Dremel; other saws have the same problem. It's easily solved by adding a shim under the insert or by building up under the insert with tape.
  • The side table disc sander works well. If you use the sander at the appropriate speed, it doesn't stall out. There is also an optional flexible shaft accessory available for the tool.
  • At a glance:

    Motor: 120V, 60Hz, 1.6amps, with variable speed 500-1,700 strokes per minute.
    Throat Depth: 18".Blade stroke: ¾"—Accepts both pin-end and plain-end blades.
    Blade Stroke: ¾" Accepts only plain end blades.
    Cutting Capacity: 1¾" (table in standard position), 1" (table at 45°).

    Special Resources

    Look for Dremel at your favorite tool stores. Can’t find them? Check on the Internet at www.dremel.com for a location near you, or call them at 1-800-437-3635.

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Comments (2 posted):

Paul Senko on 11/29/2009 19:33:32
It is a very good saw! I had one but if you want to run it for 7 or 8 hours a day you will be replacing parts every 2 months! Now don't get me wrong I loved that saw!(learned alot on it) But now.......I use an Excalibur 30 and can scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll......... But really if you are just a weekend scroller it is a great little saw.
HAMMER on 12/04/2009 15:02:18
I have one and use it on a weekend basis. I have run it pretty hard but the previous comment is true the back bar on the saw is not adjustable and it is mearly a metal bar with two holes and pins that run through it. These pins wore out the hole in the bar and now I have to replace the bar and the pins. I must be very common as all I had to do was mention that I have to cut my blades down to get them to torque properly and the lady told me what I needed and asked if I wanted and extra set for when these wear out. This being said it seems to be a mute point as the company no longer make this scroll saw or scroll saws at all. I do like it and am continuing to use it as long as I can get parts. Hammer :013[1]:
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