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3-D Snowflake Ornaments

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Unique slotted design is easily stack cut for quick production

Ornaments are one of the most popular projects for scrollers. These three-dimensional snowflakes can be stack-cut to speed up production, and provide an interesting alternative to the traditional flat ornaments.

One word of caution about these patterns; the slots are sized for ⅛"-thick wood. If you buy hardwood or resaw your own wood, you can use the patterns as they are printed. But if you use plywood, check the thickness because not all plywood is the same thickness. Match the width of the slots to the material you are using. These slots should fit tightly for the best results. Position a piece of scrap wood, the same thickness as the wood you plan to use, over the slots in the pattern. Mark a line on both sides of the scrap with a fine mechanical pencil.

That way you can tailor the pattern to the exact thickness of your stock. Drill any blade-entry holes and cut the interior frets before cutting the perimeter of the pattern. Use care when cutting the slots and keep them as straight as possible so the sections of the snowflake fit together properly. If you are not confident in your cutting abilities, cut inside the lines, and sand up to the lines with folded up sandpaper or small sanding sticks.

Sand both sides of each section and apply your paint or finish of choice. Keep the finish out of the slots. When dry, apply a small amount of glue to the slots, and slide the sections together, following the notations on the pattern. I suggest cyanoacrylate glue. Remove excess glue with cotton swabs. Attach a hanger to complete the ornament.


  • 3 each 1⁄8" x 4½" x 4½" wood of choice (per ornament)
  • Fine mechanical pencil
  • Glue of choice
  • Assorted grits of sandpaper
  • Finish or paint of choice


  • #1 and #3 reverse-tooth blades or blades of choice
  • Sanding sticks (optional)

Click the article attachment to download the pattern for this project.

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Comments (7 posted):

Sally on 09/05/2009 19:59:42
Boy - these are neat - I missed the article. I'm glad you posted it again.
byrdman61 on 11/18/2009 22:39:05
I think you all do a great job!! Keep it up.!!
rbaron on 11/22/2009 14:25:38
I have a question? I am new here and when I look at the pattern for the 3-D Snowflake Ornament towards the bottom of the article it say's to click the article attachment to download the pattern. Where is the article attachment? Thanks in advance
Arcy on 11/22/2009 14:49:41
It's in the right column of the page. It's kind of hard to find until you know where to look, but if you search the page for "Snowflake Ornament Pattern" you should find it. --Rob
rbaron on 11/22/2009 18:39:00
Thanks much....... I did find it but not until I already asked. Good friendly people here...
bdsears on 07/21/2013 15:01:34
I saw these in either a magazine or book.... there were several different ones. I have done the one that is free here on the site and now can't find the patterns for the other ones... anyone have a clue which book or magazine they are in?
bdsears on 07/21/2013 17:02:13
Never mind - I found them!
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