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I've been scrolling for along time but have never really got into doing puzzles till now. The only ones I have done have been the ones out of the magazine which I just attach the pattern and cut it out of whatever I have laying around the shop for my kids. Now my kids are wanting some different puzzles and I really don't know that much about doing them so I have a few questions.
1- How do you attach the picture to the wood?
2-Is it an actual picture or just a printed picture from a scan?
3-What is the best wood for puzzles made from pictures?
So really what I want to know is anything that anyone can tell me to help get started cutting puzzles from pictures.
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New Page 1

Check out the tutorials on mikes site.
There's a link to some videos there as well.
Hope it helps.
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Old 02-24-2013, 09:07 AM   #3
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Originally Posted by western.flyer View Post
1- How do you attach the picture to the wood?
2-Is it an actual picture or just a printed picture from a scan?
3-What is the best wood for puzzles made from pictures?
So really what I want to know is anything that anyone can tell me to help get started cutting puzzles from pictures.

Jim, check out some of the tutorials at the top of the subforum. Lot's of helpful info there.

1: There are different techniques available. Popular options include wet glue, spray on adhesive, and dry mounting. The last gets more expensive, as it requires a costly press. If you use spray adhesive, remember to spray both sides (the wood and the paper). For smaller images, you can invest in a Xyron press, but the refills can get costly for that as well.

2: You can use whatever image you want, and I've even attached non-paper images to my wood with varying success. Contrary to most applications, thin paper can actually be better than thicker paper for jigsaw puzzles, so almost anything you come across will work. I wouldn't use anything thinner than common magazine stock quality. Make sure you wood is sanded smooth, and there is no dust, etc, as even the tiniest speck will be exagerated through the paper and look like a mountain (if this happens, just nail it with your kerf line ).

I have used pictures/scans I've made myself, pictures from books/magazines/calendars/cards, pictures I've taken from old frames (some purchased at yard sales, etc), and pictures which I have had professionally printed.

3: 1/4" plywood is the best for jigsaw puzzles.....there have been a lot of threads on the topic here recently, so spend some time reading peoples' opinions, but just experiment and settle on a ply which works best for you.

I pulled this response of mine over from another thread:

........there are many types to choose from, and I would recommend experimenting and see what you like the most. Things to consider include ease of use, surface appearance, edge appearance, cost, availability and safety.

You will definitely want to go with a 1/4" ply. This is usually available as a 5-ply or 3-ply, and you will find many different species.

They all have advantages/disadvantages. For instance, Baltic Birch 5-ply has an attractive edge profile, but the back surface is not as nice, and it is very hard to cut. Some of the 3-ply woods don't have as nice an edge, but the surface veneers (what you'll see on the back of the pieces) is very nice, and it is easier to cut.

I am currently using PureBond, 3-ply, 1/4" wood in a variety of species. I am especially attracted to it because it uses a soy based formalehyde free adhesive, which is much safer for the ol' lungs and your family, if you cut a lot indoors (in my opinion).

Regarding the PureBond, I've had a few friends on the forum give me feedback that some of their orders arrived with some bowing/warping. Mine have been fine so far, but I'm relatively new to using the product. When ordering large sheets of 1/4" 3-ply, there will likely be some bowing however. One of my friends who received a bad order contacted HD and they agreed to send out replacement sheets.

Good luck and have fun!
Shawn Ferguson

Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !

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I started by first doing some practice cuts on a piece of 1/4" Baltic birch, then found some old 8x10 pictures of my kids and used spray glue to mount them.

The first puzzles I put the blue painters tape down the picture to give me guide lines (and marked down the tape with a pen to show where the pieces should be cut). Anyway, after a few of these then you should get the hang of it and free hand from there.

Seems kinda silly now for the tape, but I was a little hesitant to just go for it!

All of the other comments are excellent so no need to repeat them.
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