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Scrolled Yarn Bowl

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Make your own bowl press and angle guide to speed up the construction process

If you only make layered ring bowls or baskets on occasion, you can probably get by using clamps and scrap wood. But, a bowl press makes the whole assembly process a lot easier. Here are a few links that demonstrate how to make your own bowl press.

Making a Universal (Bowl) Press, By Dave Van Ess

Woodcraft also presents a YouTube video on Helping You Make a Segmented Bowl Press.

And, we've also included the plan to make a angled drilling guide. To make this guide, which allows you to use a hand drill to drill the angled blade-entry holes for the stacked rings, tilt the right side of your saw table down to 23°, and make a straight cut. When you go to drill, hold the guide against your blank, and place the bit along the angled edge. 

Creative Wooden Boxes from the Scroll Saw  Wooden Bowls from the Scroll Saw


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