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Bonus Fairy Fretwork Pattern

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Scroll this bonus fretwork fairy pattern

In Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Summer 2014 (Issue 55), Charlie Dearing offered an intricate pattern of a lynx.

Here is an equally intricate bonus Fairy fretwork pattern also by Charlie.The pattern is derived from an original drawing by Anne Stokes, www.annestokes.com.






Big Book of Scroll Saw Woodworking  

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Comments (7 posted):

reddragonlord on 04/17/2014 00:35:56
this does not take you to the fairy pattern. it take you to a easter pattern
BobD on 04/17/2014 10:10:51
Fixed now. Bob
Jeff R on 04/17/2014 11:16:02
reddragonlord it takes me to the fairy pattern.
BobD on 04/17/2014 11:55:28
I fixed the link. For some reason, articlebot (the automatic program that starts threads in the forum when we post a new article) goes wonky on occasion, and posts the wrong link...
daveW on 04/18/2014 11:19:06
........Guess what...........its still directing me to the wrong link..........
Arcy on 04/18/2014 11:22:08
Bob, the problem may be the link changing rather than article bout getting it wrong. The original link went to the fairy for me at first, but then to the Easter basket when I looked again after dragons post. It is now back to the fairy for me.
JimSawyer on 04/23/2014 01:46:57
Worked for me..!?!!
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Charles Dearing
Charles Dearing currently resides in Round Rock, Texas. His artistic talents became evident at an early age, but he didn't discover the joys of scrolling until later in life. For Charles, scrolling became an addiction. He started creating his own designs when he couldn't find commercial patterns to meet his needs. He continues to strive for success, mainly driven by the love he has for his beautiful daughter, Kacey. Visit Charles' website at www.BullRunArt.com. more