You're invited on a Fox Hunt!

You don’t need horses or hounds to find this one—but we do want you to check through this issue very closely, hunting for the outline of the Fox Chapel Logo. Fox Chapel Publishing is the parent company of Woodcarving Illustrated and Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts magazines. If you find him, fill out the form below and tell us the page number and location. Two readers will be randomly selected from all the correct replies to receive a $25 Fox Chapel Books gift certificate.

Notice that the hidden contest fox faces left if his feet were on the "ground" —his relative, who faces right, appears in all the Fox Chapel Publishing advertisements. The foxes in those ads don’t count—but we promise he’s hiding in this issue somewhere—he could be in a photo, article text, or even in another advertisement!

Winners and the location of the fox will be announced in the following issue. Send your entry to Find the Fox, 1970 Broad St., East Petersburg, PA 17520, or fill-out the form below:

Found the Fox?
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Featured author
Neal Moore
Neal Moore, a retired Navy Chief Warrant Officer, is one of those who are considered the absolute-best at what they do for the Navy, having risen through the ranks of the enlisted to eventually receive a Presidential appointment. Retired since 1983, Neal Moore has shifted his interest in exacting technical operations to a different venue, the scroll saw. After purchasing his first scroll saw in 2003, Neal soon developed his own patterns, and perfected a wood-crafting technique called "segmented portraiture". His work has been featured on the cover of Scroll Saw Workshop magazine and he is a moderator for Scroll Saw Workshop's message board Neal Moore lives in Cottageville, West Virginia.

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